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Open your eyes to the dark agendas behind your devices and discover how the online world is harming us.  Find out how big tech traps you in their multi-billion dollar machine. You’ll be shocked at what is really going on…

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Discover how to unplug from tech and reconnect with your precious life. Once you take time away, you’ll  feel liberated and free. Anxiety, worry and stress will fade as you rejuvenate yourself. Detox and refresh

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Claim back your life. Double your productivity. Release Stress and Anxiety. Experience deep joy. Create a life where technology serves you (not the other way round). Enjoy the promise of the future.



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A minimalist is someone who chooses to remove all the unnecessary, draining, cluttered mess in their lives. They keep only what they need to feel good and enjoy their life.

A digital minimalist is someone who chooses to cut back on all the tedious, time-wasting stuff online (unnecessary apps,  excessive email, social media, and text messages etc). They keep only the types of technology that serve them and remove the rest of the clutter.

Once you “wake up” and see what is really going on behind the screen, you will no longer be enslaved by these manipulative services, who offer cheap thrills and distraction, while mining your personal data and systematically creating more and more addictive content to keep you hooked.

When we wake up from this digital trance, we realize technology still has the potential to be extremely useful – but only if it’s working for us. Let’s be clear about this: Digital Technology is not all bad. It can be used to support us, but only if we understand how it’s being misused and do something about it.

This website shows you, step-by-step, exactly how to cut the chains of harmful technology. And then, how to make technology become your servant.

Welcome back to the Real

By taking this journey you’ll become a pioneer in freedom-based living. 

Like Neo in the movie, The Matrix, you are breaking free from the system and discovering your full potential. You will feel happier and reawaken your true potential.


Improve your health, wellbeing and happiness

 When we spend too long staring at our screens, we’re less aware of our bodies and the actual world around us. By taking a much needed break from the endless online rat race, you’ll  have more time to pay attention to your wellbeing, your home and all the things that truly nourish you.

 Less screen time means more “me” time. What have you been wanting to do? What truly supports your happiness and wellbeing?

 For example, many people find that when they go offline, they have more time to spend with friends and family. They can finally get out into nature, take a relaxing bath, listen to music, enjoy a relaxing cup of tea,  go on vacation (or mini-vacation), make healthy meals, learn an instrument, and all the other beautiful things that haven’t been happening while they’re looking at their screen. What will you do with all your new free time?

Increase your productivity and creativity 

Let’s be honest,  the internet is extremely distracting and makes it almost impossible to concentrate and get stuff done. We start working on a project, and then, “just quickly check something”, and get off track. And then have to come back to it again. It’s exhausting!

When you go offline, you’ll be amazed how much easier and faster it is to get things done. Most people also notice they improve the quality of their work too. This means you can get far more done in a couple of hours than you would normally in the whole day. And don’t worry if you think this sounds impossible – we share with you top tips for working offline as an entrepreneur, even with an online business to run.

Re-discover your values & purpose

When we’re too caught up in the endless demands of technology and the online world, we can forget what is really important to us. Instead of living pro-actively and choosing the direction of our lives, it’s easy to simply react to all the notifications, demands and chaos of the day.  In the endless struggle to keep up with everything, we can lose track of the purpose of our lives. We become another cog in the machine. By becoming a digital minimalist, you’ll create the time and space to think your own thoughts, feel your own emotions and get back in touch with who you are, what’s really important to you and what kind of legacy you want to leave behind.

Our lives are precious. We need the right environment to think about what is really important, and align our lives with that.

What is your life about? What do you value? How can you live your values?



We humans are tool builders and throughout most of human history, technology was intended to help us create more productive and happier lives.

In the early days of personal computers, people like Steve Jobs considered the computer to be a “bicycle for the mind” – a tool to enhance our capacities and improve our lives and creative potential.  Computers were intended to be our friends and trusted servants, advanced tools to help us enhance our best intentions, so we could be happier and more productive. However, along the way, technology took a turn for the worst. 

The Fight For Your Mind

As more and more people came online, in the 2000’s, the big tech companies of the time realized they could sell adverts on their services and make a lot of money. 

They realized that if they could get us to keep looking at our screens, they could sell more and more ads and, as long as we kept coming back, they would become rich and powerful. And that’s exactly what happened. 

Enter the age of the “attention economy” where our precious attention, our time, is being sold to the highest bidder. We get “free” services like email, YouTube, Facebook etc. and companies, politicians and other groups get the chance to show us their adverts and messages.

At first it may seem like a good deal. We get free services, and companies can show us targeted ads. It’s a win-win situation, right? 

Not quite. 

The new “attention economy” has given everyone –  from the big guns like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple to the smaller players and app creators – a financial incentive to make us addicted to their products and services.

Let’s be explicit here.

If you look at your screen and use their services, they get paid.

If you stop using their services, they go bankrupt.

They don’t care about your wellbeing. They just want you to become a mindless zombie who spends all day staring at your screen, making them rich and powerful.

While technology was initially designed to help increase our human potential, it’s now become a means to increase the financial potential of those who control the internet. 

No longer is the primary goal of apps and devices to make our lives better, but to get our attention and keep us coming back for more. 

Whoever gets the most attention, gets the most money, power and control.

This means most of the online  services we use (especially the ones that are free) are engineered to be addictive and habit forming. 

For example, Facebook is specifically designed to act like a slot machine or casino. It gets us hooked on digital rewards (likes, notifications, mindless scrolling) to keep us coming back for more – while serving us less and less real value. Our devices have now become weaponized against us for the profit of the companies that provide them.

In an ironic twist of events, the “solution” to our problems has itself become the problem. The masters have become the servants to their own tools. Instead of technology existing to serve our needs, we have become servants to its needs – mindlessly checking, swiping and clicking from morning to evening. Many people even wake up at least once in the night to check their phones. With each day that passes, these companies get better and better at making us addicted. We are part of an ongoing, real-time experiment to find new and genius ways to keep us coming back for more.

They watch us 24/7 and refine their strategies to addict us further, based on their relentless testing. All the while, we, the users (a.k.a. the unpaid workers) are losing vast amounts of our time down the rabbit hole, and enjoying our precious lives less and less. We have unwittingly become slaves to a system we didn’t realize existed…

…until now.

The Good News

The good news is that once you wake up to the game, you can become a digital minimalist and claim back your life.

This website is your guide to break free from the seductive grip of these power-hungry, international corporations who seek to manipulate you and addict you to their services. 

By doing a digital detox and becoming a digital minimalist, you will regain control of your life. You will more easily be able to relax and sleep well. Your real life relationships will thrive. Your creative abilities will become supercharged. You’ll feel more calm, collected and centered in your life. And these are just to name a few of the life-changing benefits.

Thank you for being here, and we look forward to seeing how your life gets better and better.

Your life is precious.

What is the best use of your time?