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The Digital Minimalist Guide to work smart, get more done and take more time away

Easy One Day Digital Detox

Easy One Day Digital Detox     An Easy Proven Way To Take A Break From Technology and Re-Set Your Mind A ONE DAY DIGITAL DETOX IS PRETTY EASY TO DO. It takes a little bit of planning, but once you take the steps below, you’ll discover that it doesn’t take...

How to de-clutter your phone

How to de-clutter your phone (Discover why your phone is so distracting and learn practical tips to make it more productive and work on your advantage.) Cellphones are highly addictive and have even been called 'the new cigarette'. But why are they so addictive and...

Days of Freedom – A Short Film

Days of Freedom A short film about our adventures in the summer and getting unplugged, going deep, doing meditation and getting offline.