Easy One Day Digital Detox



An Easy Proven Way To Take A Break From Technology and Re-Set Your Mind

A ONE DAY DIGITAL DETOX IS PRETTY EASY TO DO. It takes a little bit of planning, but once you take the steps below, you’ll discover that it doesn’t take much effort and will give you some much needed time to yourself. By doing this detox you can enjoy life more deeply,  understand your feelings fully, and receive a much needed break from technology. This will give you a nice taste of what a digital freedom life can be like.

The Mission

For 24 hours, free yourself from ALL forms of digital media. During this time, you will not use your cell phone, tablet, computer, TV, radio, CD player, DVD player, etc. Do not panic, it’s only for 24 hours!


Here is what you need to detox:

  • A desire to do a digital detox and enjoy time to yourself.
  • One day with little reason to use your devices – e.g. a weekend day or a day off.
  • One friend or family member who will take your devices from you for a day – so you are not tempted to “just quickly check this one thing…”.
  • A list of people who may be worried if you don’t answer your phone or get back to them.

How to do your one day digital detox
– step-by-step

1. Pick a good day to do your digital detox

Pick a day that is least likely to cause problems – e.g. Sunday (if you don’t work and don’t need to take calls).


2. Give your phone (and computer etc.) to someone else (essential)

The reason for this is because if you have your phone or computer in your reach, you may be tempted to use them. To make this easy, it is ESSENTIAL to give your devices to a neighbor or friend who can physically take them from you and only give them back to you the next day. Make sure that under no circumstances are they to give your devices back to you until then (this is just ONE DAY!).

Consider… in the past centuries NO ONE had a cell phone and we put a man on the moon, built airplanes, huge boats, millions of cars and ran trillion-dollar economies. So you will survive without your little phone for 24 hours.

A few questions to ask and answer for this step:

What are you giving them? (eg. cell phone, tablet, computer)

Who is the person you are giving your devices to?

How can you arrange for them to take your devices from you?

What time will you give them the devices?

Will you go to drop them off or will they come to pick them up?

How can you make sure they know NOT to give them back to you under any circumstance?

At what time will you get your devices back?

How will you get them? (Do they come to drop them off or do you pick them up)

Can you contact them NOW to let them know? Then do it 🙂

If not now, when will you contact them and arrange this?

How can you be 100% certain you will set this up?


3. Let essential people know you are not going to have your phone for a day.

Make a list of essential people who may call or who will be happy you are doing a digital detox.

Who are they?

Email or text them and tell them that you won’t have your phone (or other devices) for a day. If you don’t answer your phone or call back, it’s just because you are taking time to do a digital detox.

Once you do this, there is no worry in the back of your mind that something can go wrong. Everyone is ok, you are ok. It’s all good!


4. Plan your day so it’s fun! What will you do instead of using your phone?

Make a list of fun things you can do instead of using your phone!

Where will you go?

What can you do?

Write a list and plan your day so it’s fun!

What is your new fun, tech-free day going to consist of? Plan it out so you make the most of it.





5. Notice how you feel

Once that cell phone (or other electronic device) is no longer injected into your veins, notice how you feel – Are you more relaxed? Anxious? Happier? More focused? More distracted?

Have fun on your day off.

Enjoy yourself.

Notice what comes up.


6. Take a look at the world of tech all around you

Look at other people who are using their devices and think how you may look when you’re using your devices all of the time.


7. Do you want more time away from tech?

Now you’ve had a taste and seen it for yourself, do you want more freedom? Do you want to design your life so you have more time for YOU and for doing what matters most?

If so, then re-write your story and do a longer digital detox and then digital diet – so you eventually have a more relaxed, productive, whole, natural life.


8. Who Else Needs To Do A Digital Detox?

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