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10 Surprising Benefits of
Enjoying a Digital Detox



1. Makes You More Relaxed And Calm

When your phone or tablet isn’t buzzing all the time, you can take a deep breath, relax and feel peace. A digital detox brings much needed calm to a crazy life.

2. Builds Healthier Relationships

As you look up from the screen, you’ll feel inspired to connect more with those around you and appreciate the real people in your life.

3. Gives You Time Freedom

Once the phone is off, you can create your schedule your way. Now you can do what you want, when you want, instead of reacting to endless notifications and distractions.

4. Doubles Or Triples Your Productivity

You’ll be amazed with how much more focused and productive you become when you aren’t distracted.

5. Promotes Healthy Eating Habits

You’ll have more time and space to eat better, and be more present to enjoy your meals.

6. Improves Your Physical Health

As you let go of all the stress and checking, you’ll be able to take better care of your body and be more present with your mental/emotional/physical state. You’ll also have more time to exercise and enjoy feeling great in your body.

7. Improves Your Sleep

Screen time before bed keeps us awake too long and disrupts our sleep. When you let it go, you find yourself going to bed earlier and enjoying deeper, more nourishing sleep, while waking up feeling fresh and alive.

8. Inspires Creativity 

As you take time to focus and create, without interruption, your true creativity will shine.

9. Makes You Smarter

By taking time away from screens you’ll have more time to think, read, learn and develop your cognitive abilities.

10. Connects You Spiritually

By letting go of overuse of technology, you’ll have the clarity of mind and heart to connect spiritually, and be more in touch with your higher self, and a Higher Power.



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Does this sound like you…

Are You the Master or the Slave?

If you are reading this, chances are, you feel that digital technology – texting, social media, online shopping, random online surfing, email, and all that “good” stuff – has taken control of your life.

You and your beloved device (whether it be your smartphone, your tablet or your laptop) have become inseparable. You are at it’s beck and call, jumping at it’s slightest request – you know, those cute little dings and pops that let you know it wants something – to check if your friend replied to your email, or if someone commented on your post on Facebook, or to see how many people actually liked that adorable picture of your cat that you posted.

Or maybe you are still thinking, “I’m not that bad. I can stop all of it if I want to. I don’t use it that much in the first place.”

Well, friend, we’ve all heard that one before and it’s called denial. But the fact that you are reading this now means that at the back of your mind, you know you need some help and you are ready to change your relationship with digital technology and e-media.

This is your chance to finally do what you’ve known you need to do – take a digital detox and get a break from it all. Most people feel something is wrong about all the endless hours wasted on social media, email, news, videos and all that other stuff.

Now’s your chance!

You now have access to the method you need to fully make a clean break from it all so you can breathe deep, feel your feelings and enjoy all the other things life offers beyond the four corners of the screen.

The first time we do something is almost always the hardest, but once you get the hang of breaking free, you’ll be doing it more and more – and enjoying the endless pleasures and wonders you’ve been missing.

Like any journey worth taking, it won’t always be easy, but it will lead you to becoming more deeply fulfilled, happy, free and at peace.

So much magic and wonders await you. So without further ado, let’s get started!

If you’re feeling an inner nod in agreement as you read this – this course is for YOU.

The Mission

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to break free from digital addiction and do a digital detox. By doing this, you will claim back your precious time and energy and start creating a full, wonderful life on your own terms.

To Your Freedom


Inspiring Movies

In this session you’ll watch some fascinating movies that will blow your mind and make you realize how important it is to take time away from your devices.


Detox Cartoons

In this fun session, you’ll simply enjoy some funny cartoons to show you the digital state of affairs with a sense of humor.


Recommended Reading

Want some books? Discover some of the best books around to support your digital minimalism.


Where Are The Flying Cars? Stories and Experiences

In this session, you’ll find out why the future didn’t turn out how we expected. You’ll also hear some real life stories about how doing a digital detox literally saved our lives.


The Dark Power – What Is Really Going On?

In this session, you’ll discover some shocking insights that the big tech companies don’t want you to know. Dive into the underworld of digital technology and see for yourself how toxic it really is. (Not for the faint of heart).


Social Media Slavery

In this session, you’ll realize why you, and millions of others, are hooked on social media. You’ll also come to discover why it’s so addictive and how these companies have turned us into their slaves – working for free so they make billions.


Self Assessment Reality Check

This is a pre-detox reality check. In this session, you’ll uncover your own, personal relationship to technology and find out exactly how much time you’re wasting online. This will give you extra motivation to do a digital detox.


How To Do An Awesome Digital Detox

Finally, it’s time to pull the plug and actually do a world-class digital detox. In this session, you’ll get set up right for guaranteed success. By the time you’ve done this, you’ll enjoy a beautiful digital detox and be able to do more digital detoxes whenever you like, easily and quickly.



(Normal Price $167)


Want More Info?



The Digital Detox Set Up:
Winning Before You Begin

  • Creating a New Relationship With Technology
  • A Bird’s Eye View of The Freedom-Now Experience
  • Your Digital Detox Check List
  • Overcoming Guilt And Potential Problems In Advance


How To Create A Truly Remarkable Digital Detox Experience

  • What is Your Big Why – Why Do You Want to Do a Digital Detox?
  • Create Your Joy and Fun List
  • Discover the Paradox of Real Joy Vs Addiction
  • How To Replace Old Digital Habits With New Offline Truly Satisfying Ones (And How Addictions Work)
  • The 3 Levels Of Digital Detox: What Type of Digital Detox Are You Doing?
  • When Will You Begin? Schedule Your Success
  • Who Needs To Know? Resolve Anxiety, Close Open Loops in Advance and Create Peace Of Mind
  • Setting Up Email Autoresponders For Email Freedom and Peace Of Mind
  • Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind: Give Your E-Media To A Friend (Or Hide It Well)
  • Enjoying Social Media Freedom
  • The Essential Success Secret: Set Up Rock Solid Accountability and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
  • Get Started!


Digital Detox Awesome Extras:
How to Make Your Experience Even More Awesome

  • Get Some Fun Stuff For Your Offline Life
  • How To Finish A Project During Your Digital Detox
  • Take a Vacation or Bring The Vacation To You
  • Create Your Real Friends List & Connect With Them
  • Carve Out Some Meditation and Mindfulness Time to Process and Have More Awareness Around Your Use of Technology
  • Spend More Time Doing That Which You Truly Love

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The Ultimate Digital Detox Experience

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