Take A Breath.

De-clutter your digital life and create space for yourself.

Claim back your time and freedom

Story & Introduction To Freedom

Find out how becoming a digital minimalist can help you get more done, be more creative and create more wealth...

What’s It All About?

By becoming a Digital Minimalist you can:
• Simplify your online life
• Feel happier and more free
• Think more clearly and “big picture”
• Be more productive and creative
• Make more money
• And… of course, take more time off to do other things!

By learning how to be a digital minimalist, you will get clear on what you value so you can decide which technologies, apps and services truly serve your needs (and which do not). The truth is, modern technology has become invasive, harmful and addictive (especially social media and smartphones). If you want to have a happy, successful life, you need to figure out how to make technology work for you – not against you.

It’s not easy, but help is at hand.
Welcome to Digital Minimal. Welcome to the Revolution.

It’s A Trap

Technology has become ‘weaponized’. Our devices are purposely designed to get us hooked and keep us coming back for more.

Open your eyes…

We’ve been lied to by tech companies. More technology does NOT make us happier (or more productive). Check out the Dark Side News to discover some fascinating (and often shocking) information about the state of our world and how to break free from the tyranny of digital media. Enjoy!

Go Offline…

The Ultimate
Digital Detox Guide

Experience freedom, clarity, joy, peace of mind and time to do what you truly love!

Go Offline

When you take time away from screens you can think more clearly, re-discover what you really care about and focus on what matters. With our Digital Detox Guide, you’ll discover exactly how to enjoy time away from screens – in the right way – so you can do it easily, enjoy it and come back to technology with clarity, focus and inspiration.

3x Your Productivity 


 Work smart, get more done and make technology serve you

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