Your Self Assessment Reality Check


Exposing Faulty Stories About Technology
And Creating New Ones

Mission One

Your Self Assessment Reality Check

What is your relationship to technology?
What is your story about technology and life?

Mission Two

How Does Technology Make You Feel?


Discover how long you spend in front of that glowing rectangle (install the apps)

How long do you actually spend on the glowing rectangle?

Install Moment App (for iphone)

Install Manic Time App (for android)

Install Rescue Time (for computer) With so many distractions and possibilities in your digital life, it’s easy to get scattered. RescueTime helps you understand your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive.

Alternative App


Take the Internet Addiction Test (and be honest) test/
Make a note of your current score.


Find Your “Baseline” Internet Use

After you have installed the apps, simply use your devices as normal. Use them as much as you want so you establish a baseline for 2-3 days. During this time you don’t need to do anything differently than normal.



Notice How You Feel When You’re Using Technology

For the next 1-5 days, keep a journal of how much you use technology and how you feel. It’s important that you don’t try to censor yourself and use it less than normal. Just use it as you normally would.

Note: You may begin feeling the urge to use your phone and then try to stop using it. This is censoring and will not give you an accurate reading of your current usage. Just use the computer and cell phone as much as you feel inspired to, so you get a realistic glimpse into your tech habits. Print out the form below, and, at least five times per day, note your observations about how you feel when you are using technology. 

Things to consider

  1. How do you feel just before you check your phone or go online? Notice the feelings that inspire you to use.
  2. How do you feel while you are using it? Notice the feelings as you are using.
  3. How do you feel after you have used it? Notice how you feel once you stop using it.
  4. How long did you use your phone today? (check app)
  5. How many times did you pick up your phone?
  6. How long did you use computers?

Your Self Assessment Reality Check Form

Mission Three

Easy One Day
Digital Detox