What If We Are Living Inside A Simulation?

Is this world ‘real’ or is it an elaborate virtual reality?

Life is not what it seems.

What is this thing we call ‘life’? How can you know it’s ‘real’? What is ‘real’? These are big questions, and they are a lot harder to answer than you may expect. Science has its theories. Religion has other theories. But they all remain theories, ready to be disproven and replaced with new ideas and possibilities.

Having thought about this topic of consciousness and reality my whole life – and studied many different perspectives, here is what makes sense to me.

We are pure consciousness. We are nonphysical beings. Our home is a nonphysical place of light, known by some as the land of Nirvana or the world beyond sound – the realm of pure peace and silence with no end or edge. It’s like an endless sky, an eternal sunset that stretches out in all directions forever. We are safe and secure eternally.

This world is some kind of giant hologram or simulation that appears to us as ‘real’. Things occur here on this ‘field of action’ or the game of life. What we do in this world has specific laws, just as any game or simulation. But no matter what we do, we can never die, because we are outside of the game. We are always safe in our home.

From this perspective, we can relax, enjoy the game, figure out the laws of the game and how we can ‘win’ – while all along knowing we are safe and secure.

Wishing you a fulfilling ride. Happy playing. Wake up and enjoy.