The Dark Side of Facebook (Part 5/5)

You won’t believe the truth lurking behind the #1 social network.

Conclusion & Solution

Facebook, and social media in general, definitely has a dark side. Facebook has changed the way we interact with others, taking our most personal and intimate relationships into a public space, putting them on almost equal ground with those of strangers who may not even be real and giving rise to pretend relationships that would never last in real life.

The manipulative nature of social media preys on our sensitivities to addiction, our desires to be loved and feel appreciated, and our needs to be right and ‘in the know’.

If not used consciously, Facebook can lead us into a hypnotic trance state, where we mindlessly waste our lives absorbing information that can harm our capacity to discern truth from lies.  And while being seen largely as a tool to keep people connected, Facebook can in fact isolate you from real-life interaction and the people who really love you.  Social media can leave you depressed, lonely, and believing in partial truths, or lies, that are spread about like wildfire.


What to do about it?

Realize that Facebook is on a mission to waste as much of your time as possible and they are extremely good at what they do!

To counterbalance this, take the time to remind yourself every day of how precious your beautiful life is! We didn’t come here into this wonderful world to spend all day staring into a glowing rectangle clicking on buttons!

Here’s a few things you can do to break-free and claim back your power so you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

  1. Take time to integrate this information and think for yourself about how much time and energy  you want to invest into Facebook and social media. Know the pros and cons and be aware of what is really going on.
  2. Get Some Space Away. Sometimes the best way to know how things affect us is to get space away from them. It may be beneficial to go on a digital detox and take time away from social media to re-align yourself to life beyond the screen.
  3. If you continue to use Facebook, become conscious of the effects it is having on you. Do you feel better or worse after using it? What is really going on?  It’s vital to be aware of the intoxicating allure of social media and how easily it can suck you in.
  4. Try Limiting the amount of time you spend on Facebook by getting an app like FOCUS. ( I’ve found giving myself a limit allows me to connect with others and post useful things with a lot less time wasting and absorbing random nonsense and negative messages.
  5. Keep your real friends in real life, and have real experiences with them.  Call people up. Meet them in person. Enjoy the personal touch that you can never get on facebook no matter how many hours you spend on it.
  6. Had enough? Want out? Many people are feel happier deleting their account and being done with Facebook altogether. If this is you, then you may want to delete your account.
  7. Or – if that too extreme for you you could start a new one with only real friends and people you actually know – that way you are less likely to be bombarded with random messages in your newsfeed. It’s ok to unfriend people or start over! Your peace of mind is the #1 thing!
  8. Remember you are here for a reason – one that is bigger and more meaningful than spending it in front of a screen absorbing God-knows-what!
  9. Its your life. What do you really want? What brings you joy? Do more of that