Is all this stuff making us happier?

Overconsumption, it turns out causes depression – not happiness.

Despite being far wealthier than previous generations, with vastly more opportunities and surrounded by an endless array of physical comforts, we are not happier for it. In fact, we are more miserable, more anxious, more stressed and more lost.

The irony of it is all these wonderful inventions, the endless shopping, media and consumption which were designed to bring us more joy have, in a sense, become our greatest sorrow. The more choices we have, the more we worry about making the wrong decision. Just going to the store to buy washing powder or shampoo or even water is no small task. We have to invest energy in discerning which product, of all the endless options is the correct one – especially are being scared of fear mongers and health terrorist that almost everything is toxic and cancer forming.

To get a bit of help, we may turn to trusty ol’ google to enlighten us further, but a quick search brings up multiple contradictory articles, each with their own research making it even harder to know who to trust.

The myriad of options and access to endless information, rather than simplifying life has made it more laborious and more tedious. The very gadgets that were designed to give us more freedom now demand more and more of our time. Our constant use of screens is making the life of leisure seem like a beautiful dream, a wishful idea, rather than an achievable goal.

In short, we are trapped in a cage like rats. We need a radical shift to break free. And that begins with rejecting the premise that technology is the solution to all problems and buying more stuff will give us everything we want.

To break free, we must see through the illusions and clever marketing ploys that have tricked us and claim back our power.

Many blessings to Steve Cutts for putting this video together so powerfully. And much love to you for opening your heart and mind to the truth.