The Dark Side of Facebook (Part 4/5)

You won’t believe the truth lurking behind the #1 social network.

Facebook is like junk food

Sadly, the effect of all these stimulants is we end up feeling drained and sick. It doesn’t satisfy the deeper part of us that needs love and connection. Like other chemical drugs, It creates craving that cannot be fulfilled using the substance that we crave. No matter how much Facebook we get, or how many people are viewing our posts, or telling us they love us, or engaging in whatever way – it will NEVER be enough to satisfy the deeper craving in our hearts to feel peace and real love.

“Blogerism” However Facebook can damage the capacity to discern Truth from Falsehood

“Stop thinking that perception is capable of knowing Truth. ‘Blogerism’ now dominates perception. People are in a trance state called ‘blogerism’. The constant repetition of falsehood has injured the capacity to recognize Truth.” – David Hawkins

I think, perhaps the most shocking danger of Facebook is not falling in love or posting inappropriate things or wasting time, but that scrolling through your newsfeed on a regular basis has the potential to destroy your capacity to know truth from falsehood. If we log into Facebook every day and quickly scroll through hundreds and thousands of images, posts, videos and stories from various people, all this information is absorbed directly into our subconscious mind.  We don’t have time to analyze each image and word we see or think about whether or not it’s from a credible source. We don’t take the time to question the intentions of the person or what their motivation for sharing is. We don’t assess or do background checks on the quotes we see or what they actually mean. We just see an overwhelming amount of information and absorb it as truth.

Remember, simply going onto Facebook has the capacity to trigger a hypnotic trance state. When we’re browsing, liking, sharing, and spying on people we’re not doing it consciously, we’re acting mostly unconsciously in a semi-hypnotic trance state, triggered by endless notifications, cliff hangers and rabbit holes.

After a while Facebook is about love without the danger – a buffer to reality.

Facebook has created a TRANCE State – A Global Hypnosis

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves”. – Matthew 7:15

There are definitely a lot of fake Facebook profiles out there. Numbers released from Facebook themselves suggest that 83 million Facebook accounts are fake – that’s more than the total number of people living in France and the Netherlands combined! An estimated 5-6% of all Facebook accounts are fake. Fake autogenerated profiles offer the creators of those the possibility of spamming your wall with weird content and also bloat the number of fans for certain pages. – Spamfighter blog

Facebook Creates A Echo chamber of Self-fulfilling Prophecies

Facebook offers us an opportunity to only see things we want to see. We can choose to follow some people and not others. We can tailor our version of reality. The danger of this is that If everyone sees the same thing they end up believing the same thing. In Facebook we can create our own bubble where everyone we connect with believes in the same things and sees the same things, creating a cycle of self-reinforcing-reality. The more we see it, the more we believe it, and the more we only want to see it.

After a while, when we’ve seen literally thousands of images we’re fully brainwashed by that one point of view. We may shudder at the idea of terrorist propaganda training camps – where people are radicalized to commit acts of terror and become suicide bombers – but what if we’re creating our own propaganda training ground, right here on Facebook without realizing it?

The blind following the blind.

Facebook can show you lies and propaganda as if it’s they is true

Facebook has become plagued with ‘fake news’ and false information – and they can not control it. Once we are told the same thing over and over and over and over again, we gradually begin to accept it as truth. Repetition leads to compliance.

This means that if you are bombarded by news or social media with the idea,  that for example:  “All Muslims are terrorists” – which is not a fact – you may come to at least subconsciously believe it. Once in idea becomes a belief in your mind, you will actually feel it and see the world through that filter and begin to respond differently to your environment.

You may experience feelings of fear when you see a specific image. You may begin to experience anger in some people’s presence or want to avoid certain things. In prior to WW2 the Nazis developed a full blown propaganda initiative to get the german population to believe the Jews we dirty, money-obsessed parasites who should be treated with disdain and considered second-class citizens. It was only after this mass propaganda that the mind of the german people was ready to cooperate in the mass genocide we now know about. Propaganda works – and we are being impacted by endless forms of manipulation and messages every day, over and over and over again.

Facebook creates the conditions where programming and conditioning  happens on a constant basis – where we are impacted by the biases, programs and  possible outright lies of countless people. Of course many of your friends may be well intended and posting positive messages, which is nice. But in order for you to see the messages you like, you are also simultaneously being bombarded with endless other messages from Facebook ads, and random newsfeed images and other information that you don’t want to see.

And because of its nature, giving us access to instant information with no space to assess facts, we are potentially subjected to lie after lie.  And since we are not able to take enough time to check-in with ourselves to see what we’ve absorbed as true – our mind is basically a sponge for negativity and programming.  If a lie is repeated often enough, even one that is sensationalized, it becomes true in the minds of those who’ve heard it. We don’t see reality, we look at the world through distorted filters it and hallucinate what we think is real based on our filters. Those filters are now being dictated every day be random messages on Facebook…

Facebook promotes the sensational over the meaningful

Facebook promotes what’s popular, not what’s meaningful. It’s algorithms will show you more posts that has social engagement (likes, comments, shares) than ones that don’t. And guess which posts get the most engagement? The ones that are the most sensational, the most shocking or the most socially acceptable by the lowest common denominator – eg junk.

All news channels know the power of a good headline to get our attention. They know that whatever is shocking will get more clicks and more attention then what is boring. Facebook knows the human ego is addicted to sensationalism  and so it doesn’t care what’s meaningful or most truthful, it just cares what get’s engagement and keeps people on the site. This means that we are shown more ‘nonsense’ popular posts than anything else, each time, adding to the long list of tedious, low vibe information you are being brainwashed with daily.

Facebook increases divisiveness, prejudice and hatred

The more we are trapped in the Facebook echo chamber – seeing ONLY the kinds of news and information that we want to see – the more sever our prejudices become and the more divisive our world becomes. The human ego  loves to think ‘I am  right and everyone else is an idiot’, so when we are attached to a belief and then have those beliefs reinforced over and over and over every day on facebook, our lopsided version of relation becomes ingrained and we’ll see all the evidence around us to prove ourselves right. The more we think I am right, everyone else is wrong and the more evidence we see to prove our position, the more devices and dangerous the world becomes.

Each day we engage with Facebook, we are voluntary filling ourselves with social programming and messages from other that may be extremely harmful to us in ways we don’t even realize.  All this programming and messages massively influences our emotions – which in turn influences and our actions. Over time, our perception of life changes in subtle ways .